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hypochlorous acid generator

HD-series automatic hypochlorous acid generator is made up of electrolysis unit, PLC control system, salt water tank, storage tank and other units, which can easily and safely produce high-quality, high-spectrum, safe and non-toxic hypochlorous acid disinfection solution.
  • HD-5L-HClO
  • HADA

Flow chart-all in one

1.  Process & Operation:

1). Salt will be dissolved in the tank and become saturated brine (25%);

2). Diluted into 3% after filtered ( If use sea water as raw material, it will be treated before electrolysis);

3). Electrolysis in the host machine;

4). The final product- hypochlorous acid liquid (5000ppm) in the storage tank;

5). The hypochlorous acid solution will be injected into the pipe by metering pump;

6). Residual chlorine detective will monitoring the residual chlorine and return feedback to PLC center;

7). PLC center will adjust the speed of dosing pump according to the preset standard.

2.  Product Details Show

1) Siemens LCD touch screen:
All running status are shown clearly and all parameters can be adjusted directly by the touch screen.

2) Electrolytic Cell:

Raw material: Titanium electrode, UPVC shell 
Brand: Hada 
Guarantee: 5 years

3mm pure titanium electrode, 25 times coating (secret recipe with ruthenium and irridium), 20um coating thickness, and patented structure design makes it a perfect balance between life and efficiency. 

3) Electrolysis power supply:

High-frequency, stablility and constant current power specialized for ship-leveled electrolytic power;
Protection: antiseptic, moisture-proof, dust-proof, under/over voltage alarm, short/ over current alarm, default phase and overheat alarm;
Input voltage: AC335~435V/50Hz±10%;
Output steady flow value: 10%~100% continuous adjustable; 
Working temperature: (-20~50)℃;
Relative humidity: 90%(40±2℃);
Electric conversion efficiency: ≥92%; 
Load regulation: ≤1% ;
Voltage regulation: ≤0.1%;
Ripple voltage: ≤1% Vout(p-p) ;
Dielectric resistance: ≥20M ;

3.  Model:


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