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 Sodium hypochlorite generator solution

In the current food processing industry, nuclear power plants and thermal power plants, circulating water treatment, chemical or printing and dyeing enterprises, such as circulating water treatment and water treatment, domestic water supply disinfection, hospital or urban sewage treatment and disinfection projects, and social public health fields such as schools, Disinfectants are disinfected and there are many types of disinfectants, but we usually use chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, bleaching powder, chlorine dioxide and so on.

Although chlorine is the most economical, it is not safe to transport and store. If it is diffused, it is toxic. It is less used now. The bleaching powder may be volatilized for a long time, and the side reaction caused by the disinfection process is sediment, and the process of treating the sediment is one more process.

We have launched a sodium hypochlorite solution to solve many chemical storage and transportation problems and complexes. They are used now and are not harmful to the environment. They do not cause secondary pollution. The key is to have a good disinfection effect and complete the sodium hypochlorite generator. The system is accurate in the amount of chlorine, safe in operation, and low in operating costs.


Non-toxic, no secondary pollution


Good disinfection effect


Accurate and safe operation


Lower operating costs
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