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Fujian HADA Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd

Fujian HADA Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd, established in 2005 with a registered capital of 35.8 million Yuan, And it was listed on the China Securities Market on August 8th, 2017(Stock code: 871727). It is a famous high-tech water-related environmental protection equipment manufacturer with strong comprehensive strength, especially having outstanding performance in the design, manufacture, construction and operation of water disinfection project.

HADA has got the biggest market share in Fujian and is among the best in China of potable water plant projects. HADA masters the proprietary formula of electrode coating and has made a 5-year warranty period of core anode component, which is more than 2 years longer than that of the same industry. 

It is the first enterprise which has got the water-related health permits for multi-model sodium hypochlorite generators. 13-year’s concentration and efforts has made Fujian Hada Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. a good example of the industry in terms of the product technology, product quality, and technical services. 
And you can find HADA’s branches and after-sales service center in most areas in the country. Since 2010, HADA constantly explores overseas markets. And the equipment of HADA have been running in more than 26 countries and regions such as Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa and regions along the Belt and Road. HADA Intelligence has developed several systems, including the sodium hypochlorite generation system, the hypochlorous acid generation system, the sodium hypochlorite dosing system, the smart PAC/PAM dosing system and the electrodialysis system. So far, HADA holds more than 22 national technical patents and the National High and New Technological Enterprise Certificate.
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