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Bleach plant raw material chlorinator

Electrolysis 2.5-3.0% salt water into 0.5-0.9% sodium hypochlorite liquid
Capacity: 0.5-20 kg/hr active chlorine
Raw material: salt, electric
Warranty:1 year for whole machine, 5 years for the electrode
  • HD-10K-NaClO

1.  Brief introduction:

  1) The sodium hypochlorite generator electrolysis salt water/sea water to get sodium hyochlorite for water disinfectant/bleach. It conbined with softener, screw conveyor, pickling unit, salt dissolving unit, filter, diluting, power supply, electrolysis unit, auto control unit, storage and dosing unit etc. The produced pure sodium hypochlorite is a kind strong oxidant which has strong sterilizing effect. We put the electrical componengts all in host machine, which is important to the whole control system. 

  2) Using non-membrane technology, Cl- ions and OH- in electrode are all absorbed, the saturability of NaClO ups to 15% so there are no chlorine gas separate out.

    3) NaClO widely used to disinfect, algae, descale, desaturate in food processing, medical and health system, public places, breeding, drinking water, production water, sewage, industrial circulating water. Besides, it can also be used to degrade and wipe off the pesticide residual on the surface of fruits and vegetables.

    4) Chemical reaction:  NaCl+H2O = NaClO+H2

2.  Parameter:  

        HD-1K is 1kg/h active chlorine capacity machine

        Salt consumption 3.85kg/1kg Cl

        Power sonsumption 4kw/1kg Cl



3.  Simple flow chart:


4.  Units brief introduction:  


5 .  Others:

   1)   Full-auto control system, 24hours continuous work

   2)   Patent automatically citric acid can prevent the scaling of electrode interior structure  

   3)   DC low voltage ensure that the site staff will not be in danger of accidental collision

   4)   When a failure occurs, just turn off the power. It's uninjurious to both machine and people 

   5)   Electrode shell use high anticorrosion UPVC material 

   6)   5 years warraty for electrode

   7)   Remote Ethernet transport modules


Q:Are you a factory or trading company?
Q:How to buy your idea products?
A:Please tell us what you use the machine or immediately provide us your target capacity and concentration (connect us for more details).
Q:How to pay?
A:TT,Western Union and MoneyGram paypal, etc. 30% deposit before producing, 70% balance before loading by TT.
Q:What is the delivery time?
A:It depends on order quantities. Generally speaking, the delivery time will be within 35 days after payment.
Q:How to pack the products?
A:Wooden package usually.
Q:How to install after the equipments arriving destination? 
A:We will provide detailed illustrations to you. If it is necessary, we will send technicians to help you.


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