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Automatic dosing device


1. Product specification: 

The whole set consists of a solution tank, a metering pump, a control box, water level gauge, flow meter, damper, various of valves, pipes, etc. The above components are all mounted on an anti-corrosion base made of UPVC, which can also be designed according to user's requirements. The space requirements of the dosing room are designed into various special shapes. It can stably send various of liquids into defferent pipes to meet the process requirements of different working conditions.

2. Performance and advantages:

Fully automatic operation for 24 hours, unattended; use food grade PE can as storage tank; use imported diaphragm metering pump for chemical dosing; the chemical storage tank size can be customized according to user's demand; The medicine pump can be configured with one or two unit; the amount of the agitator can be configured to dissolve the solid drug; the dosage mode can be programmed by PLC or timer; and the configurable meter can be used for online monitoring of the dosage;

3. Application:

HD series automatic metering dosing device (disinfectant, coagulant, PAC, PAM, alum, etc.) is suitable for boiler feed water and furnace water treatment, circulating water treatment, raw water pretreatment, sewage treatment, petrochemical additive treatment, etc.

4. Technical Parameters:

Storage tank: food grade PE tank or metal tank anti-corrosion lining;

Tank volume: 5L~10 cubic meters (largger size can be customized);

Dosing pump: diaphragm anti-corrosion metering pump;

Dosage range: 1L / H ~ 5000L / H;

The operation mode: it can be operated in a single operation or double;

Configure the meter: You can configure the online meter according to actual needs;

Dissolving agitator: an anti-corrosion stirrer can be configured according to actual needs;

Control mode: Configurable PLC or timer for programming and adding;

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