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the talent training program of HADA and Fujian Polytechnic School

Views: 24     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-01-11      Origin: Site


    Fujian HADA Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd November 25, 2018, on the bank of Lishui, has 60 years of watchmanship from Fujian Polytechnic, watched 60 years of rigor, diligence, truth-seeking and innovation. The 60th anniversary of Fujian Institute of Technology was grandly held in the campus today. 图片1         

    Our company was invited to participate in this special moment. At the same time, with the beautiful scenery, the two parties officially signed the “School-enterprise and joint education of talented people training program”, aiming to implement the school-enterprise dual-sports sports people, through the practice of our company in the actual occupational environment. The operation is to improve the comprehensive vocational skills of the students, cultivate the professional spirit of the students' dedication, unity and cooperation, enhance the comprehensive professional quality of the students, and jointly cultivate high-quality technical and skilled talents with strong practical operation ability.


    The joint formulation of the talent training program of HADA and Fujian Polytechnic School is conducive to promoting the reform mode of modern apprenticeship training and deepening the integration of production and education. The implementation of the “School-enterprise and joint education of talented industries” will provide professional talents for enterprises, create employment opportunities for students, and create conditions for the regional economic construction to enter a virtuous cycle of development.


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