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the disinfection system renovation project

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On December 20th, 2016, our company welcomed the renovation project of a water plant in Mawei, Fuzhou, Fujian Province, and completed the supply and installation and commissioning in September 2017 (construction including on-site renovation, floor laying, original equipment docking and dismantling). It has been put into use by the factory and has been used well. It was completed in September 2017.

Time of winning: 2016.12

Completion time: 2017.09

Equipment Name: Split type automatic electrolyzed brine type sodium hypochlorite generator

Preparation liquid concentration: 8000ppm

Chlorine dosage: 2ppm

Use function: chlorination in clear water tank

Salting cycle: 7-15 days

Operation mode: Fully automatic operation / Ethernet communication remote control

Chlorine injection method: flow value + online residual chlorine value → PLC → frequency conversion signal → frequency conversion pump flow (closed loop feedback frequency conversion chlorine)

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