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Tengzhou city water plant water disinfectant project

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Phase I Zaozhuang City Continued Construction Supporting Project (Tengzhou Water Supply Unit) Ganqiao Pumping Station Complete Set of Sodium Hypochlorite Injection System Equipment Purchase and Installation Project

Equipment Name: Split type automatic electrolyzed brine type sodium hypochlorite generator

Equipment model: HD-12.5K-NaClO×2 (one use one standby)

Total chlorine production: 25 kg / hour

Chlorine production per unit: 12.5 kg / hour

Preparation liquid concentration: 8000ppm

Chlorine injection: two parts per million

Use function: chlorination of clear water tank

Salting cycle: 7-10 days

Operation mode: fully automatic operation / Ethernet communication remote control

Chlorine injection method: flow value Online residual chlorine value→PLC→frequency conversion signal→frequency conversion pump flow (closed loop feedback frequency conversion chlorine)

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