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Targeting overseas markets with “The Belt and Road Initiative”

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"In the disinfection of domestic water supply, sodium hypochlorite on-site preparation and disinfection technology solves the safety problem of transportation, storage and use of liquid chlorine compared with traditional liquid chlorine, chlorine dioxide and other disinfection products. The disinfection effect is good and greatly reduced. Disinfection by-products to provide safer and healthier drinking water."  HADA's Chairman Liu Wenchong said

The independent state of Samoa came to HADA for a visit


On May 14th, a group of independent Asian countries from the southern Pacific Ocean visited the HADA Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. located in the Juyuanzhou Zone of Jinshan, Fuzhou. The delegation visited China to participate in the "2018 Senior Officials Training Seminar for Developing Countries in China" sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and hosted by the International Business Officials Training Institute.

The mission learned about the working principle, intelligence degree and application range of sodium hypochlorite generator system in HADA

At the beginning of the above, in the afternoon of the same day, after the HADA learned about the working principle, intelligence degree and application range of the sodium hypochlorite generator system, Liu Wenchong, the chairman of the company, introduced the sodium hypochlorite on-site preparation and disinfection technology to solve the problem of safe water. advantage.

Water is the source of life, and ensuring the safety of drinking water is the most basic livelihood issue. The Fujian Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government have always attached great importance to strengthening the safety of drinking water for urban residents and rural people.

Recently, Fujian Province issued the "2018 Minsheng Infrastructure Supplementary Board Implementation Plan", proposed to implement the nine major projects of urban and rural people's livelihood infrastructure construction, water supply safety project was once again included, and proposed important water sources above the county level, to organize the preparation Construction plan for safety and safety compliance of drinking water sources. Combined with the work of beautiful rural construction, the domestic sewage of residents in the centralized drinking water source protection area at or above the county level will be basically collected and treated before the end of 2018.In addition, the Fujian Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission and the Water Resources Department jointly issued the Notice on Strengthening the Supervision of Rural Centralized Water Supply Sanitation Safety. The "Notice" clearly stated that it is necessary to implement the responsibility system for executives of drinking water safety guarantees, incorporate the safety of rural drinking water into the assessment of local governments, and compact the main responsibility of the government step by step. At the same time, the water conservancy department is required to promptly report to the health and family planning department at the same level the construction of new, improved and expanded drinking water safety projects in the areas under its jurisdiction. The health and family planning department shall actively participate in the site selection, design review and completion acceptance of new, modified and expanded centralized water supply units.

Mr. Liu Wenchong, Chairman of HADA, said in an interview that as a high-tech enterprise integrating design, manufacture, construction and operation of water-related environmental protection equipment, since 2005, he has been deeply cultivating sodium hypochlorite on-site preparation and disinfection technology. Solve the problem of drinking water safety for residents.

The reporter learned that HADA specializes in electrolysis sodium hypochlorite generator system, hypochlorous acid generator system, electrodialysis system, finished sodium hypochlorite disinfectant dosing management system, PAC/PAM/caustic soda and other water treatment agent intelligent dosing system, etc. Development and manufacture of electrochemical water treatment systems. HADA is also a high-tech enterprise in Fujian Province, a “specialized and special” small and medium-sized enterprise in Fujian Province, and a company that has passed the two-in-one integration management system.

Nowadays, under the background of the “One Belt, One Road” initiative, HADA is no longer satisfied with the domestic market, aiming at the overseas market and relying on its own technology and strength to start “going out” and promoting “Chinese experience”.

According to reports, HADA has begun to expand overseas markets in 2010. Many of its electrochemical devices have been exported to Southeast Asia, the European Union, North America, South America, Africa and other “Belt and Road” countries, with more than 26 countries or regions.

Earlier, some experts said that the “Belt and Road” line is in the stage of accelerated development of infrastructure, industrialization and urbanization, and has abundant resources, large market space and many investment opportunities. Enterprises can “go global” to find new developments. Space and opportunity. At the same time, the traditional industries in Fujian Province have obvious advantages, and the industrial scale, technical level and international competitiveness have been greatly improved. A number of industry leaders have initially possessed the ability to compete in the international market.     

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China has arranged a study tour of the independent country of Samoa to visit HADA. It is also hoped that Fujian enterprises can "go out". Chairman Liu Wenchong said frankly that although HADA brand electrochemical equipment has been exported to more than 26 countries or regions. But for every overseas cooperation, Haoda is paying attention to it. "Because the cooperation of overseas projects is not only a door for the Haoda brand to open the country to the world, but also a test of its own products and promote the Chinese experience to the world."

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