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School-enterprise joint empowers Fujian water purification enterprise

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At the "6·18" artificial intelligence industry development forum, FUJIAN HADA INTELLIGENCE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD signed a contract with Fujian Institute of Engineering to jointly develop and develop the project of "New nano-coated electrode electrolysis brine to prepare sodium hypochlorite online disinfection system research and development".

 merchants are learning about HADA's new water purification technology

“In the disinfection of domestic water supply, sodium hypochlorite solves the safety of transportation and storage compared with other disinfection products. It is non-toxic to the environment and does not cause secondary pollution. The key is to have a good disinfection effect, and through the sodium hypochlorite generator complete system, chlorine The volume is accurate, the operation is safe, and the running cost is also low.” Liu Wenchong, the chairman of the company, told the reporter that the research and development of a new nano-coating electrode electrolyzed brine to prepare a new technology of sodium hypochlorite disinfectant, greatly reducing the electrolysis side reaction and prolonging the service life of the electrode. Improve raw material utilization rate and disinfectant production concentration, reduce power consumption and raw material consumption; at the same time, develop disinfectant precise control technology, explore control factors for disinfection by-product generation, and improve disinfection effectiveness.

Recently, Fujian Province issued the "2018 Minsheng Infrastructure Supplementary Board Implementation Plan", proposed to implement the nine major projects of urban and rural people's livelihood infrastructure construction, water supply safety project was once again included, and proposed important water sources above the county level, to organize the preparation Construction plan for safety and safety compliance of drinking water sources. Combined with the work of beautiful rural construction, the domestic sewage of residents in the centralized drinking water source protection area at or above the county level will be basically collected and treated before the end of 2018.

The two sides signed a cooperation agreement

      Liu Wenchong, chairman of the board of directors, said that in the disinfection of domestic water supply, HADA's sodium hypochlorite generator products rank among the best in the country. The participation in “6·18” is also to let the products go out better.

      HADA has expanded its overseas market in 2010. Many of its electrochemical devices have been exported to Southeast Asia, the European Union, North America, South America, Africa and other “Belt and Road” countries, with more than 26 countries or regions.

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