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HADA was Invited to Water Expo 2016

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HADA was Invited to Water Expo 2016

    July 11th to 13th, 2016, Water Expo was host in Jinsha International Convention and Exhibition Center in Singapore. It is one of the world highest standard of water treatment industrial events.


    We HADA are honored to be invited to this Water Expo. HADA is specialized in the research and development of sodium hypochlorite for 11 years, which makes us a good model of water treatment industry. HADA is one of the main manufacturing bases and export enterprises of intelligent and environmental protection products. HADA’s products are applied in all walks of life to make a contribution to water safety and energy conservation. 


    11-year’s sound development, HADA has accumulated rich experience of developing overseas market. This exposition is also a profitable platform for HADA. HADA got acquainted with a lot of customers as well as well displayed our latest technology. HADA also won the praise from both organize related enterprises and customers and many customers showed their interest in our products. HADA will continue to work hard towards better products.  


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