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HADA and Star Net Wisdom Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement

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November 10, 2018, “Fujian HADA Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.” and “Fujian Starnet Wisdom Technology Co., Ltd. (Fujian Starnet Holding Subsidiary)”signed a strategic cooperation agreement in the conference room of HADA Building on November 10, 2018 At 11:18,   and a strategic partnership was officially established. The two sides adopted the "Proposal for Improving the Water Quality of Urban Water Supply" in the "Fujian Provincial People's Government Gazette" as a background, making full use of their respective resources and advantages, supported by modern information technology such as cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things. Using smart water affairs and other aspects to carry out all-round, deep-level strategic cooperation, and jointly promote the industrial upgrading of drinking water safety &intelligence.


“Starnet Wisdom” is a core holding subsidiary of “Star Net (stock code 002396)”, a listed company with strong hardware and software products and system integration advantages in communications, Internet of Things, big data and industrial applications. “HADA” is a national high-tech enterprise, a provincial service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprise and a provincial science and technology enterprise dedicated to water treatment and water disinfection equipment research and development, manufacturing and operation services for 13 years. It has more than 30 core patents and products. A large number of applications in the international and domestic markets, there are many classic cases. The two sides of the cooperation have their own advantages and complementarity. Strong cooperation will definitely create a broader application market, and the future can be expected.


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