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You are here: Home » News Center » Company News » HADA—— “Work Plan for Improving the Water Quality of Urban Water Supply” in Fujian Province

HADA—— “Work Plan for Improving the Water Quality of Urban Water Supply” in Fujian Province

Views: 8     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-01-11      Origin: Site

Fujian HADA Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd October 26th Fujian Provincial Governor Tang Dengjie recently hosted the provincial government executive meeting, the meeting passed the "Work plan to improve the water quality of urban water supply", the meeting pointed out: improving the water quality of urban water supply is a Systematic relationship with thousands of families

People's livelihood project. It is necessary to further strengthen the protection of drinking water sources, speed up the upgrading of urban water supply plants, strictly manage secondary water supply, and strengthen the whole process of inspection and control from source water to leading water to ensure that the people drink safe, safe and high-quality drinking water.      

Safe drinking water is a systematic project to solve the hidden dangers of drinking water safety. It should start from the four stages of water source water, water plant, pipe network and secondary water supply to ensure that each link meets the national “Standards for Drinking Water Source Water Quality” and “Surface Water Environment”. Standards and standards such as “Standards for Drinking Water Hygiene” and “Sanitary Standards for Drinking Water”.


When most of China's waters or reservoirs are used as source water, the water quality is required to meet the above-mentioned water sources of the Surface Water Environmental Quality Standard (GB3838-2002), including COD (chemical oxygen demand) and BOD5 (5-day biochemical oxygen demand). NH3-N (ammonia nitrogen), iron, manganese, fecal coliforms, etc. are routinely important indicators.



 Since its establishment 13 years ago, Fujian HADA Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd has been concentrating on the research and development and manufacture of water treatment equipment such as sodium hypochlorite generators and automatic dosing devices. It has a large number of users at home and abroad, and has accumulated daily water supply capacity of service water plants. More than 12 million cubic meters, accumulated a large number of water quality disinfection, pre-oxidation, ammonia removal, iron and manganese removal equipment design, manufacturing and commissioning experience, especially in the HADA HD series sodium hypochlorite generator used to replace the original chlorine, chlorine dioxide Disinfection, with outstanding safety and stability. HD series sodium hypochlorite generator uses the nanocrystalline titanium anode core technology independently developed by HADA. The core indicators of energy efficiency ratio and service life of the products are at the international leading level. It uses electrolytic dilute brine to produce sodium hypochlorite disinfectant, the only raw material - - Salt, completely solve the huge safety hazard of the use of hazardous chemicals in the original disinfection method, is the current mainstream disinfection process replacement product in the domestic water supply and drainage industry.

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The safety of secondary water supply, especially the control of residual chlorine index, is an urgent problem that needs to be solved in the last mile of safe water supply. HADA Research and Development Center set up a research team, which lasted 2 years and successfully developed a secondary water supply and chlorination machine. Type, it has the characteristics of automatic, integrated and intelligent, fully meets the use environment of the special working conditions of the secondary water supply pumping room, and provides the technology for the safety of the faucet (terminal) required by the province's "Working Scheme for Improving the Water Supply Quality of Urban Water Supply". Product protection.

With the implementation of the “Plan”, HADA's full range of water treatment products will play an important role in the urban water supply security field. The market prospect is broad and business opportunities are unlimited. HADA will increase research and development efforts and continuously optimize product structure. With the unique innovative technology to provide better products and services to the market, with the implementation of the "Program" as an opportunity, based in Fujian, look at the country and make due contributions to the safety of urban water supply in China.

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