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13 years of deep ploughing water treatment field--HADA

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Water is the source of life. As a water-related environmental high-tech enterprise, FUJIAN HADA INTELLIGENCE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD has been deeply involved in the research and development of water treatment equipment for 13 years.

As the saying goes, living by water, choosing water to live. Water resources play an irreplaceable role in human production and life. Therefore, the treatment of drinking water and sewage treatment is an important task in the process of ecological civilization construction and environmental governance in China.

With the country's high attention, a series of favorable policies have been introduced intensively, coupled with the continuous increase of social demand, the blue water expansion of the drinking water treatment and sewage treatment market, the water treatment equipment industry has entered the fast lane of development, and related enterprises have also ushered in an unprecedented Development opportunities.

FUJIAN HADA INTELLIGENCE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD (hereinafter referred to as HADA) adheres to the policy step of “making the water on the earth re-beautiful”, and has achieved a qualitative leap since its establishment. Established in 2005, HADA focuses on R&D, manufacturing and operation services for intelligent electrolysis equipment related to water treatment and water disinfection. Today, HADA has become the first new three board listed company in the sodium hypochlorite generator industry."Domestic comprehensive strength and well-known water-related environmental protection enterprises, the realization of high-tech enterprises and innovative enterprises double certification, safety production standardization three-level certification enterprises ... a number of honors to add, so that HADA has multiple development labels." At the 12th Guangzhou International Environmental Protection Industry Expo held on June 26-28, Mr. Li Lingyu, the manager of HADA Sales, introduced the development history and development concept of HADA to the China Environmental Protection Online Journalist.

Innovation promotes development, joint development of production, education and research The environmental protection industry in the new era has entered the deep water period of reform. Its healthy development cannot rely solely on national attention and policy guidance, and innovative technology will be the core driving force. At the beginning of its establishment, Haoda Intelligent has deepened its ethics, attached importance to the joint development of production, education and research, established long-term cooperative relations with many domestic authoritative scientific research institutions and colleges, and established an independent product technology center.
It is precisely because of this that HADA has undertaken the research and development tasks of provincial and ministerial-level science and technology projects and successfully passed the comprehensive inspection and acceptance. It has strong independent innovation capability, and has more than 30 core intellectual property rights patent technologies, and the conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements is high.
Strict control of product quality, business radiation worldwide In the process of continuously promoting enterprise technology innovation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, HADA has created one quality and one quality solution. HADA's product system includes: electrolytic sodium hypochlorite generator, electrolytic high concentration sodium hypochlorite generator, integrated buried sewage treatment equipment, fully automatic drug delivery system and hypochlorous acid generator.

At the exhibition site, HADA carries the core technology products electrolytic electrode: HADA is a rare sodium hypochlorite generator manufacturer in China, insists on electrode coating technology research, uses completely independent intellectual property rights, and obtained several national patents on sodium hypochlorite generator, among which “nano TiO2 The seed-coated titanium anode and its preparation method have won the national invention patent and the national and Fujian scientific and technological progress awards, making the titanium-anode technology of the technology coating far more excellent than other similar manufacturers, and the concentrated sulfuric acid strengthening aging test With a service life of more than 230 hours, the service life is much higher than the national standard, which makes the sodium hypochlorite generator cell using this technology have lower salt and electricity consumption, and at the same time obtain longer electrode life (up to 10 years) .


Under the national “One Belt, One Road” initiative, Haoda's intelligent market network radiates globally, covering Southeast Asia, the European Union, North America, South America, Africa and other regions. It has exported more than 26 countries and regions, and the international market has risen rapidly.

A new starting point for the new era, re-creating a brilliant brand 

According to the plan, the treatment of drinking water and prevention of water pollution is the highlight of environmental governance. The trillion-dollar market will accelerate its release, and many environmental protection companies have also seized the enthusiasm. In the face of fierce market competition, Haoda Intelligent will give full play to its technical strength, talent team and market resources advantages, build an expert enterprise in the domestic water treatment industry, strive to create a world-renowned electrochemical equipment supplier, and contribute to the beautiful China. power.


At the same time, with the continuous improvement of the “Belt and Road”, HADA will base itself on the local market, continue to expand overseas markets, and “go out” in a timely manner to launch the “HADA” brand.


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