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hotel cleaner disinfection produce machine

Salt consumption: 3.5kg / 1kg Cl2
Capacity: 50g /hr active chlorine
Power consumption: 4 kw/ 1kg Cl2
Water treatment capacity:500 ton / day (2ppm dosing rate)
Warranty:1 year for whole machine, 5 years for the electrolyzer
  • HDTS-50g-NaClO
  • HADA

Compact-type Sodium Hypochlorite Generator

1.Sodium hypochlorite is widely applied in water treatment, it kills bacteria and virus in the water,and also use as a bleach to disinfect surface with low concentration.

The machine equipped with PLC system,Siemens touch screen with smart interface ,and it is easy to operate .

With 11 years experience of researching & developing, we have connected with many Local governmental water treatment plants , and earned lots of reputation from domestics and overseas customers.

2.. Chemical equation
    NaCl+H2O = NaClO+H2

  (Sodium hypochlorite)
    NaClO + H2O = HClO + NaOH
  (Decomposition into hypochlorous acid )
    HClO → HCl + [O]
  (The new ecological oxygen precipitation )
3. The 3 weapons to kill virus:
    (1) The oxydation of HCl (Hypochlorous acid): break the balance of glucose metabolism;
    (2) O (new oxygen): Its strong oxidability will consume the protein of virus, make them lack of energy;
    (3) The Chloridion: disturb the metabolism of gen;
4. Main technical indicators (Only suitable for HADA's machine)
    Salt water concentration: 2.5%~3%
    Power consumption: < 4KW/Kg.Cl2
    Salt consumption:<3.5Kg/Kg.Cl2 (If sea water, no need salt)
    Effective chlorine concentration : 5000-8000ppm
    (1000~2000ppm for seawater system)
    Working mode: Fully automatic
    Anode coating life : >5 years
    Cathode life : >20 years
    Machine life: >15 years

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Small capacity bleaching producing plant / sodium hypochlorite making machine China Supplier

Small capacity bleaching producing plant / sodium hypochlorite making machine China Supplier

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