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You are here: Home » News Center » Company News » Deputy Director of Cangshan Economic &Trade Bureau Chen Wenxin visited HADA

Deputy Director of Cangshan Economic &Trade Bureau Chen Wenxin visited HADA

Views: 4     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-01-01      Origin: Site

    On the afternoon of December 28, 2018, Chen Wenxin, deputy director of the Cangshan District Economic and Information Technology Bureau of Fuzhou City, visited our company for investigation and research. Lin Xiaofang, director of the company's enterprise management center, Zheng Yi, director of the brand strategy center, and Zhang Shengrong, assistant director of the marketing center, received the reception.


Deputy Director Chen and his group watched our promotional film 


Zhang Shengrong introduced the company to Chen and his group

At the symposium, Zhang Shengrong reported on the development status of our company to Deputy Director Chen, and gave a brief introduction to the sodium hypochlorite generator, the comparison of disinfection methods, the company's promotion footprint, and the company's success stories. Deputy Director Chen gave high recognition to the development achievements of Haoda Intelligent in recent years, and pointed out that the water purification industry engaged by Haoda Intelligent is an environmental protection industry that the government pays attention to. The development prospects of the enterprise are good and the market potential is large.


Subsequently, the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges of views on the difficulties that enterprises may have in terms of talent introduction and business environment. In this regard, Deputy Director Chen encouraged HADA pay attention to the scientific exploration of the future development path, open up domestic &foreign markets. At the same time, he hopes that HADA will strengthen project research and development, accelerate the introduction of high-precision talents in the industry, carry out in-depth research, development of technology, innovate and develop.  Bigger and stronger in this field.

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